The leading manufacturer of hair extensions in Vietnam

With many years of experience in the hair extension industry, we have supplied to the world market more than 1000 kgs of finished hair per year.

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Why DC Hair Vietnam?

DC Hair Vietnam has a clear mission: to be a cornerstone and a source of professional assistance for its numerous hairstylist clientele. We provide novice and skilled hair stylists with all levels of professional teaching and training for dealing with hair extensions.

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The voyage of hair

Because of the tropical climate and geographical structure, the hair comes in fifty various natural colours with a lot of sheen and a lot of flexibility. It’s the finest and ideal hair accessory.

To preserve and maintain the directions and movement of the hair’s flexibility and gloss, only human hands and competent employees are used to treat it.

As a result, DC hair is particularly well-suited to European ladies.

Vietnam DC’s magic touch

Hair extensions are an easy and quick technique to achieve the look of longer, thicker, and richer hair. Hair extensions can help women with thinning hair, varied degrees of baldness, or thin & short hair look fuller, richer, more beautiful, and longer. Your satisfaction with the outcomes will be determined by two factors: The hair quality – DC Vietnam hair is known for having some of the best hair on the market.

Because of the great quality of the DC Vietnam Hair , professional hair stylists can feel extremely comfortable offering their clients the DC Vietnam Hair extensions to get the style they’ve always wanted. Aside from hair quality, our skilled developers have created a very unique, strong, and safe keratin and tape to ensure a tight grip on the client’s hair that is very easy to release when the time comes. Customer satisfaction will be determined by this combination.

Important note* DC Vietnam brand provides its distributors and hairstylists with a comprehensive training program and the opportunity to learn superior techniques for dealing with hair extensions from one of the world’s foremost specialists, CEO MR BEN . Browse the categories above to learn about the many types of hair extensions available and the best procedures for applying them.


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